March 14, 2019

Corporate Services

People. Productivity. Profit. Studio Social is committed to creating a workforce that works. Our team partners with companies to rapidly elevate their team in communication, goal execution, navigating change, leadership and employee retention. We guide corporate clients to recharge their corporate culture through authentic connection.

Squad: Build Your Billion-Dollar Team

Every big win in your company hinges on your team’s ability to build authentic relationships inside and out of the organization. This training provides proven strategies to cultivate the critical relationships in every career and strengthen every bond from your manager to your mom. Your team will be awakened to how critical connection is to business growth and fulfilment. Our team provides a relationship management strategy


At the conclusion of the training, your team will understand:

  • 4 essential relationship categories in every career
  • Be pitch ready for the elevator and beyond
  • The formula to convert relationships to revenue
  • The Top 20 Relationship Management Strategy
  • Know how to work every room, even if you are an introvert
  • The Rules to Recharge Any Relationship

Go Hard and Go Home: Banish Overwhelm to Win at Work & Life

Burnout has rapidly impacted workers and profits, especially for employees under 45. Go Hard and Go Home provides the mindset and tactical strategies for your team to take control of their lives for increased engagement and fulfillment. Go H.A.R.D. breaks down our productivity formula for Heart Actions. Researched Decisions. Every action in our life begins as a decision. Every decision impacts our destination. Going H.A.R.D. means making informed choices that propel each worker and the company.  With the “Decisions = Destination” exercise, attendees get clear on how their choices impact their life and the entire company and a cheat sheet before making their next decision. After getting clear on what it means to Go Hard, your team is guided on the importance of Going Home to renew and recharge for optimal results. Each attendee will have an opportunity to identify their own signs of potential burnout with the SOSelfcare checklist. This training is for teams who want to increase performance and overcome workaholism together. Empower your team to Go H.A.R.D. and Go Home!


At the conclusion of the training, your team will:

  • Reset the corporate culture for sustainable success
  • Distinguish being busy vs effective
  • Know how to Go H.A.R.D by making: Heart Actions. Researched Decisions.
  • Embrace the impact of their choices through The Decisions = Destination exercise
  • Have their own SOSelfcare Checklist
  • Have their own Make The Right Choice cheat sheet

Unlock Leadership

The Leadership Level. Calling all leaders. New levels require a new mindset. Unlock the inner leader in your team members with this interactive training. Leaders leave with a new an outlook and strategy for success beyond a job title.